Starting A Small Restaurant Soon? Add Chorizo To Your Menu

If your small upstart restaurant plans to offer a variety of dishes to customers, be sure to add chorizo to your menu. Chorizo, or Mexican sausage, brings out the flavor of many dishes, including stews, rice and beans, and omelets. The sausage contains different spices that may appeal to your new customers. Learn more about chorizo and how you can add it to your menu below.

What's Chorizo?

Chorizo contains small chunks of fatty ground pork, a popular meat in cooking. The meat may be smoked (cured) or unsmoked (uncured) depending on its origins. Some cooks and restaurants also use beef chorizo in lieu of pork for their recipes. However, Mexican pork chorizo is one of the most commonly used sausages. Chorizo also contains a good number of spicy and mild seasonings, including paprika and chile peppers. The seasonings traditionally come smoked, which gives the sausage its unique flavoring and bright red coloring. You can add raw chorizo to some dishes, including stews and soups. However, the sausage yields the best flavor when you cook it before you add it to dishes. Heat brings out the sausage's smoky flavor and bright red color. If you think chorizo will be a good addition to your menu, order some chorizo today.

Where Can You Find Chorizo?

You may not want to purchase your chorizo from a grocery store or chain. Although store-bought chorizo is fine to cook with, the sausage may not contain the best ingredients. You want to order and purchase your sausage from a supplier because they may specialize in creating quality chorizo. A supplier will offer many types of chorizo products, including spicy, medium, and mild. You can choose sausage based on the type of menu items you plan to serve customers. For example, if you want to serve omelets to your customers, choose mild or medium chorizo. Spicy sausage may be too intense for your egg dish. If you don't know what level of spiciness to choose for your sausage, reach out to a supplier immediately. Most suppliers offer recipe ideas to buyers and customers. You can also allow customers to test the sausage and choose the spice level that works best for them. You can use the results of your taste tests to order your sausage in the future.

For more information about chorizo and ways to use it in your restaurant's menu, contact a pork chorizo supplier today.