3 Made-To-Order Stations Available Through Breakfast Catering

Breakfast catering can include a lot of cooked meals and prepared dishes like sausage, scrambled eggs, and hash browns. If you seek out fresh meal options for an event, then consider breakfast buffet catering with made-to-order stations. The stations will either include a cook to prepare each part of the meal or easy ways for guests to make it themselves.

Consider three of the made-to-order station options. You could choose just one of the options for an event or all three if you have a lot of guests and want to go all out with the meal you serve.

1. Waffle Station 

Waffles taste better when first served right from the waffle iron. Give guests this experience when you add a waffle station to your breakfast catering order. Each guest who goes up can make a waffle with the batter that has already been measured out. The station may also include ingredients to add to the batter like chocolate chips or blueberries.

Each waffle only takes a couple of minutes to cook. Once complete, a person can add additional toppings like whipped cream or cut-up slices of fresh fruit.

2. Omelette Station

When you hire a chef for catering, you have the opportunity to have them host an omelet station. An omelet station includes multiple pans so a chef can prepare multiple omelets at the same time. With the station, a guest can order the type of egg they want, the type of filling, and the type of cheese.

The combination allows guests to personalize their meals and enjoy freshly prepared food. In some cases, guests may just order specific types of eggs instead of a full omelet. For example, a person could order two over-easy eggs and have the eggs prepared right in an omelet pan.

3. Avocado Toast Station

Avocado toast represents one of the newest breakfast trends and acts as a nice side treat for a full breakfast meal. An avocado toast station would feature a wide range of bread options like wheat, rye, and white. A section would include smashed avocado that guests can easily spread on the toast. Other toppings may include red onion, sliced tomato, or cooked bacon.

The extra toppings allow guests to customize their avocado toast as they please. For larger crowds, a caterer may set up multiple toasters to help move the process along and provide easy ways to toast bread and keep the lines moving.

Ask guests what features they would want the most and choose from the most popular option as you plan your catering event.

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