Tips For Hosting Your Own Wine Tasting Party

If you have decided that you would love to host your own wine tasting party, you will want to make use of the following tips. This way, you won't have to worry about whether you will be doing everything right or if your guests are going to have a good time.

Pick Your Theme

Yes, your wine tasting party should have a theme and the theme should be up to you and what you think your guests would benefit from the most. For example, if a lot of your friends are on a budget and you know that they would never buy expensive wines for themselves, you might want to opt for a selection of more affordable wines. This way, you can introduce them to a lot of quality wines that fit their taste buds and financial needs.  Then again, you might just want to stick with all red wines, or all white wines. Picking a theme of a particular wine maker is another option, where all of the wines will be from the same winery.

Keep It Small

You do not want too many people at your wine tasting party, as a higher guest list could take away from the intimacy that is generally expected at such parties. Try to keep your guest list at ten or less people. If you have to have a few more, try not to go over that amount by too many. Also, this will help keep your costs down. You not only have to consider the number of different wines you want everyone to try, but you need enough of each wine for everyone. Remember that there may be some people that want to taste some of the wines more than once. It is better to have more than needed than not enough, so you will want to shoot for having one bottle of each wine per person that will be attending the party.

Don't Forget Some Snacks

You may not be serving meals at this party, but you should have some small samplings of food that your guests can snack on. This will help them become better educated on wine pairing with various foods, along with helping some of your guests refrain from getting sick. By having a little food in their stomach, they will be able to taste more wine and enjoy themselves a little more. Some of the snacks you might want to have out include cheese, crackers, chocolate, salty nuts, and strawberries.

By making use of the previously mentioned tips, you will surely end up hosting a wine tasting party that your friends will enjoy tremendously. They might be so impressed that you are encouraged to host more of these parties. Some of your friends might even get the idea that they can host their own and you will get the chance to be a guest at a private wine tasting party. Contact a wine supplier, like JJ Buckley Fine Wines, to get started.