Skip The Coffee House: 3 Tips To Reduce Your Coffee Costs

Whether you need it to get going in the morning or as a mid-day treat, coffee is an important part of many people's daily lives. Brewing a few cups at home is common, but the majority of Americans will still visit their local coffee shop multiple times per week. As a matter of fact, the average American worker spends $14.40 a week on coffee that outside the home. Over the months, this amount can really add up. Fortunately, you can continue enjoying your coffee while saving money with these simple tips to cut costs.

Buy Variety Packs

There are many ways to drink coffee. Black, with cream, with sugar, and with cream and sugar/sweeteners are the most popular coffee styles. However, a large portion of coffee drinkers enjoys unique flavors, which is why you may visit your local coffee shop a few times each week.

Thankfully, you can avoid the expensive coffee shop by creating your favorite flavors at home. Consider buying a variety pack of coffee pods that offer all of your favorite coffee flavors. Choose from mocha, French vanilla, white chocolate, and seasonal flavors that include peppermint and pumpkin.

By stocking your kitchen with flavorful variety packs, you can enjoy your favorite coffee drinks in a more convenient and affordable manner.

Buy in Bulk

Most areas have one or more wholesale clubs, which charge a fee to join. While there is a fee, buying certain items in bulk quantities can save you a great deal of money, making the membership fee a worthwhile investment.

Unfortunately, determining the exact amount of savings is difficult, since it will depend on brand and your specific consumption each day.

Freezing coffee is not recommended, so avoid buying fresh beans or ground coffee in bulk unless you have a large family and will be able to consume the larger amount quickly. However, you can purchase individuals coffee pods in bulk and not have to worry about storing or freezing.

Buy a Refillable Cup

Another simple way to cut coffee costs is by investing in a refillable cup that you can use while on the go. Discount retailers, department stores, and even your favorite coffee shop will all offer a selection of these refillable cups that you can use at home, work, school, and in the car.

To ensure you are not missing out on the feel of drinking coffee from your favorite shop, consider a refillable cup that resembles the classic look and feel of your shop's cup. Not only will you save money by drinking coffee that is made at home, but using the refillable cup is also beneficial to the environment.

With these tips, you can cut costs without cutting out coffee.  Contact a service, like 11th Street Coffee, for more help.