How To Follow A Keto Diet At A Chinese Restaurant

One of the trickiest things about following a ketogenic diet is that you will often find it difficult to eat out. When you are following a diet that is so restrictive (especially when you need to restrict carbs), you have to be particularly picky when it comes to dining out. So many restaurants feature carb-heavy dishes—be it pasta, rice, or breads. And so, many people end up resigning themselves to eating at home and cooking the same low-carb meals over and over. And they certainly think that they can't enjoy some cuisines such as Chinese food, which is often synonymous with carb-heavy foods such as rice. However, that's not the case. Here's an example of what you can eat at a Chinese restaurant.

Beef and Broccoli

One of the most classic Chinese restaurant dishes is beef and broccoli. It is not just delicious; it is also perfectly acceptable for anyone on a keto diet. The beef and broccoli has very little carbs, and as long as you don't eat it with a side of rice, it is a perfect dish. The carbs that are present are from broccoli, which is one of the better vegetables since it's both low in total carbs as well as full of fiber so that it will keep you full. The beet has zero carbs and is all fat and protein. What you should make note of when ordering the dish is that you will want them to skip the sauce. The sauce in many Chinese restaurants also includes lots of sugar, not just soy sauce. The soy sauce is not the problem, it's the sweet sauce that is often used in the beef and broccoli dish. The sugar is essentially a carb, so make sure to ask for no sauce.

Happy Family

The Happy Family is a dish that includes fish and meat. For instance, lobster, scallops, pork, beef, and chicken are the common ingredients. These all have zero carbs. And the vegetables are full of fiber, and again, you have broccoli, a great choice of carb (as is cauliflower and other cruciferous veggies as they are low in carbs compared to other vegetables.) Again, the main thing to be considerate of is that you need to ask them to hold the sauce. The sauce will often times contain sugar, which you want to avoid.

BBQ Spareribs

If you want to really watch the carbs, then order BBQ spareribs. Now, while they have no vegetable component (and the excess carbs that veggies have) they will have a sauce. The sauce will have a sugar ingredient, which you need to be careful of, so make sure to ask for the BBQ spareribs to not have excess sauce.

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