Hosting An Event For Troubled Youths

Are you a motivational speaker and want to host an event that is aimed at inspiring troubled youths to make positive changes? If your plan is to draw a large crowd, you must be strategic about how it is done. Basically, you must incorporate things into the event that will be appealing to the troubled youth and encourage them to come. Offering food and drinks at the event is one of the things that you can consider as a way to draw a large crowd. Take a look at the content below to get a general idea on how to host an event that involves troubled youths.

Find a Venue of a Sufficient Size

The first thing that you must have to host an event for a large crowd is the right venue. The most important thing to consider about the venue is how many people it can legally accommodate. You must keep in mind that your event can get shut down or some of the attendees might be asked to leave if the capacity limit that is set by the fire department isn't kept, such as too many people being present. It is wise to plan for more people to attend the event than planned. It is possible that some of the youths will bring along friends or their parents.

Get in Touch with a Catering Company

If you intend on offering the attendees food and drinks, it is ideal to hire a catering company like The Hidden Table for the task. Attempting to feed a potentially large crowd on your own can prove to be complicated and time-consuming. Don't worry about spending too much money on the catering aspect of your event. All you have to do is tell a catering company about your budget, and someone will explain all of the services that you can get within a specific price range. You will have the ability to choose the type of foods, drinks, and desserts that are served to the event attendees.

Hire a Few Young Motivational Speakers

Being that your goal is to inspire troubled youths to change their lives around in a positive way, it is wise to have motivational speakers present that they can relate to. For instance, hire a few motivational speakers that are in the same age group as the audience that your event is aimed at inspiring. Ensure that the speakers are young and went through some of the experiences that the youths at your event did. You might want to hire speakers from various walks of life to increase the chance of them connecting with the youths. It is also worth considering asking the speakers to participate in short skits to give the audience a visual of how to handle certain situations, as it will make the event more exciting.