Don’t Make These Common Bread Baking Mistakes

When you're making bread for the first time, one of the last things you want to do is make a mistake that will ruin your bread. Instead of taking a bite into something delicious, your bread might be too hard, too soft, or just not taste right.

Knead Your Bread Properly

If your bread is not kneaded properly, it will lack structure and will fall apart easily when you try to cut it. This will make your bread almost useless when you try to use it for a sandwich. You may even notice this with no-knead bread because the dough will not be developed enough to have a good gluten structure. 

Be Careful with a Stand Mixer

Just because you are worried about your bread not being kneaded enough, that doesn't mean you should over-knead your bread. Doing so will make your bread hard and crumbly. This usually happens when you are kneading your bread with a stand mixer. While kneading your bread, check to make sure that it is smooth and holds its shape. If so, it's ready to be baked. 

Don't Worry About Sticky Dough

You might become afraid if your dough becomes too sticky and you may add more flour to solve it. However, some very good breads are simply very moist before you pop them in the oven. With too much dough, your bread will end up dry and crumbly.

Use a Digital Scale

Rather than eyeballing it, the best way to make sure that you have the right ingredients is to rely on a digital scale. Sometimes, having your ingredients off by a small amount can be enough to ruin your recipe. Salt is an ingredient that has a huge impact on how delicious your bread will be and must be measured carefully.

Stick to the Recipe

Make sure to follow bread recipes exactly as they are written. You may feel like experimenting, but making small changes can easily ruin your bread. Even when you do consider experimenting with your bread, make sure to make small changes and don't bake a lot of bread with a new recipe until it has been tried and tested. Record your recipe carefully.

If you are still having a difficult time baking amazing, fresh bread, you should consider contacting a bread supplier who can deliver fresh-baked bread. There are many bread suppliers that will deliver you bread that will taste perfect.