Ingredients That Add Heat To Meat Seasonings

If you're the type of person who enjoys eating spicy fare, there are a number of ways that you can increase the heat on the meat that you cook. Steak, chicken, and other proteins can all be tasty when they're on the spicier side, and adding spice before you cook—rather than after the cooked meat is on your plate—can create appealing flavors. Visit a local gourmet foods store, supermarket, or online food retailer to browse its selection of meat seasonings. As you assess your options, you'll often come across a product that is advertised as being spicy. Here are some ingredients that can add heat to one of these seasoning mixes.


It's common to find dried garlic in many meat seasoning mixes, including those that are on the spicy side. Garlic has a complex flavor, but there are definitely spicy notes that are present. While garlic on its own won't necessarily make your meat taste very spicy, it can be an integral element of a spicy seasoning mix. Some mixes have granulated garlic, while others have larger chunks of dehydrated garlic. The latter variety may pack more of a spicy punch when you add it to your meat.

Black Pepper

While you can always grind black pepper onto your meat after you cook it, it's customary to season the meat with black pepper before the cooking process begins. Instead of using black pepper on its own, look for a spicy meat seasoning mix that contains black pepper. This ingredient is a fixture in a wide range of mixes, including those that have a fiery taste. When you can, look closely at a few different seasoning mixes to assess the size of the black pepper. If it's coarsely ground, it can bring a lot of heat with each bite.

Dehydrated Peppers

Of course, you'll rarely have a spicy seasoning mix that doesn't have at least one type of dehydrated pepper in it. There are all sorts of spice blends that include small pieces of dehydrated hot peppers. In addition to adding some heat, the peppers also add some visual interest to the mix—namely, you'll see small chunks of red, which can help to give the exterior of your meat a lively appearance. Don't be afraid to experiment with a few different spicy seasoning mixes until you find one that perfectly complements the meats that you enjoy cooking.

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