3 Made-To-Order Stations Available Through Breakfast Catering

Breakfast catering can include a lot of cooked meals and prepared dishes like sausage, scrambled eggs, and hash browns. If you seek out fresh meal options for an event, then consider breakfast buffet catering with made-to-order stations. The stations will either include a cook to prepare each part of the meal or easy ways for guests to make it themselves. Consider three of the made-to-order station options. You could choose just one of the options for an event or all three if you have a lot of guests and want to go all out with the meal you serve. Read More 

Starting A Small Restaurant Soon? Add Chorizo To Your Menu

If your small upstart restaurant plans to offer a variety of dishes to customers, be sure to add chorizo to your menu. Chorizo, or Mexican sausage, brings out the flavor of many dishes, including stews, rice and beans, and omelets. The sausage contains different spices that may appeal to your new customers. Learn more about chorizo and how you can add it to your menu below. What's Chorizo? Chorizo contains small chunks of fatty ground pork, a popular meat in cooking. Read More